An Overview of Guinea Pig Breeds

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig breeds basically comprise of two broad groups- the ones with short hair and the ones with long hair. Guinea pigs with short hair do not require the kind of grooming the long haired guinea pigs require because the former’s hair is less subjected to tangling. The guinea pigs with long hair on the other hand, not only require regular grooming but they may also require special products for the purpose.

Technically speaking the various guinea pig breeds are as follows:


This breed of the guinea pig is generally used as a guinea pig in shows. The distinguishing features of these guinea pigs are the swirls that they have in their hair, that number between eight and ten. To groom such guinea pigs is an extremely challenging job as their hair grows in multiple directions.


This is one of the oldest breeds of the guinea pigs and reflects the picture of the stereotypical guinea pig that people have in their minds. So, if you are looking for the best guinea pigs for kids then this one is great. This breed comes with smooth fur that is pretty simple to groom and is a perfect pet for children.


This is the most exotic breed of the guinea pigs with long hair; their hair at times can actually run a foot long. Though this is one of the best looking breeds of the guinea pigs, this may not come handy if one wishes to keep them as a pet. This one is most sought after animals as far as show animals are concerned.

Guinea Pigs


The shape of the body of this breed is more or less like the American breed of guinea pigs and with such a fur texture; it eventually resembles a teddy bear. This also comes in a separate satin avatar.

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White Crested

These guinea pigs have rosette that is circular in nature and that fits on the crown of the forehead. If it is to be showcased as a show animal, then this animal shouldn’t have white patches anywhere else. This breed comes in most of the exotic colors.


This is a longhaired guinea pig that comes with exemplary long hair no wonder then that their hair is prone to tangling. This does not match the ideal criterion of a family pet.

The breeds of the guinea pigs are aplenty; which one would you like to pick up would depend upon the fact as to whether you want to keep it as a pet or a show animal. Either ways you will definitely need a name. There are a lot of sites with guinea pig names to choose from. Every guinea pig breeds has his own living style as well!

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