Ensure Longevity of Yours Guinea Pigs

cavy life span

Guinea pigs are the rodents living in a group of two to three. The American people prefer to keep them at home as the beautiful pets. These small pigs happen to be sensitive and so are needed to be treated with great care by the owners. Any kind of negligence on a part of its care taker shortens the guinea pig life span.

Those who love small Guinea pigs and want them not to suffer any kind of health problem should provide them a healthy atmosphere in order to ensure longevity as well. Here’s information aim at upgrading entire knowledge of Guinea pigs’ standing requirements. Exuberant knowledge about Guinea pig sounds itself guarantees the longevity of Guinea-pigs’ life.

Place small Guinea pigs in comfy temperature. A temperature the Guinea pigs prefer to live in is between 99 and 103 degrees as you can learn from how to take care of a guinea pig article. Unaware of actual conducive-temperature, a maximum number of the pig-owners allow them to live in prevailing environmental temperature, which affects theirs immunity, curtailing theirs longevity.

Do not allow any noisy atmosphere to prevail around as it also is likely to affect theirs heart-beat, repercussion of which explicitly will be noticed in pigs’ randomized heart beat. Natural heartbeat of Guinea’s pig lies between 249 and 350 beats/mint.

Do not allow your small pets to live in an area being dusty or fumy as well. The Guinea pigs happen to be much susceptible to respiratory problem and theirs habitat situated near dusty and smoky region can cause respiratory problem to them. General respiratory rate of Guinea’s pig is supposed to be 40 to 150 breaths per minute. Though environment we live in may not cause any respiratory problem, the nearby factory or workshop have got to cause pollution and thus affect guinea pig life span tragically.

cavy life span

Maintain proper diet of your small-pigs to ensure proper weight. A healthy adult male pig weighs nine hundred to twelve hundred grams. If it gets all of sudden decreased you should consult a vet immediately to deal with the root cause of it.

Learn what are guinea pig favorite foods. Feed them the easily chewable, consumable and digestible foods. Hard food stuffs may damage their teeth, roots of which happen to be open.

Guinea pigs are the vegetarian and any kind of carnivores-foods has got to be hazardous, triggering many health complications to yours beautiful household member.

Make sure that the size of the guinea pig cage you place the small Guinea pigs in is spacious enough to let them move frequently and comfortably.

Do not keep two male pigs together in one cage if it is resided by any young female Guinea-pig. An urge for supremacy among the male guinea pigs triggers a tough fight between them, causing resultantly the injuries. Injury over skin can make these injured pigs susceptible to infection and thus may put a question mark over theirs life.

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